Charged with Contempt in Connecticut For Not Paying Child Support, Post-Judgment

Have you been suddenly charged with contempt in Connecticut for not paying your child support that was ordered by the court after you and your spouse divorced? Perhaps it’s in reverse and you’re filing for contempt against your ex-spouse for not doing what was required with a court order. Either way, it’s a contentious form of family law that you never want to go through if you can amicably work it out. But in both scenarios, you have to work with a Connecticut family law attorney to go through the proper steps to assure the contempt charge gets ironed out in the best possible way.

Attending the Court Hearing
You may face an angry judge when attending the court hearing on the allotted date. In that regard, having your attorney there with you is going to be essential to mitigate the situation. The consequences of disobeying a court order can sometimes mean you having to pay the other party’s legal costs, if the judge thinks you were truly negligent.

No matter the case, in any contempt charge, you need to find an experienced family law attorney to negotiate the best possible outcome. Contact us directly if you’re involved in family law matter involving contempt charges.

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