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Representing Clients on Both Sides of Foreclosure Cases

In any foreclosure proceeding, there are interests on both sides that need to be protected. Homeowners and business owners who are behind on the mortgage are fighting to keep the property they have, and lenders rightly expect to get paid on the note they funded so that the owner could buy it. Having a foreclosure law attorney with an understanding of these cases from all perspectives can help to ensure you receive the best possible representation.

We represent homeowners, business owners, condominiums and financial institutions in all aspects of commercial and residential foreclosure on distressed properties and non-performing loans. Our firm’s experience representing clients on both sides of these cases allows us to provide more effective and proactive representation to every client.

Contractors and Mechanic’s Liens

We also help to protect the interests of contractors by aiding them in the filing of mechanic’s liens and foreclosing them if necessary. Alternatively, if a homeowner, financial institution or another party that has had a mechanic’s lien filed against them, we provide the legal services and representation necessary to protect their interests as well.

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