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Representing Clients With Upside-Down Mortgages

For people who have lost their jobs or are facing some other type of financial difficulty it can be extremely difficult to keep up with mortgage payments, and many face foreclosure. In many cases, these people find that selling their home is a better option than having the lender foreclose on the property.

When the real estate market is down, however, many people find themselves in a position where they owe more on the house than it is worth on the market, often referred to as being “upside down” on the mortgage or the property being “underwater.” In situations like these, it is impossible to make enough money on the sale of house to cover the balance of the mortgage.

Helping You Avoid Foreclosure

Many people with upside-down mortgages wrongly assume that they have no choice but to give up their homes and deal with the consequences of a foreclosure on their credit record. There is an option called a short sale in which your lender agrees to accept an amount that is less than the balance due as full payment for the loan. These are complex procedures that require the attention of an experienced Hartford short sale attorney.

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